AVIT Manufacturing

AVIT Manufacturing
formerly Steelworks Design

A mid-sized design-build custom machinery firm located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Specializes in integrated technology for automotive, energy and shipping industries.

Ineffective Market Positioning

Steelworks Design had evolved since its inception in 2002. The company now served the needs of multinationals—many with a strong presence in the United States—but its platform no longer accurately articulated its capabilities, growth and position in the marketplace. Leadership knew it was time to reposition the company to reflect its presence in the global automation industry, but how?


Workshop & Research

Steelworks Design hired Mega Experience based on the agency’s expertise in building marketing solutions rooted in strategy and design. To identify solutions that will best achieve the client’s goals, the initial strategy was facilitating a full-day workshop with Steelworks Design to capture the company’s culture, chemistry and ultimately define its Brand DNA — the unique identity that distinguishes an organization from its competitors. The interactive and participatory process provided an opportunity for the team to contribute insights, opinions and perspectives that would help shape a new company direction and potentially new name to better resonate with current and prospective customers domestically and abroad.

The workshop was full of rich ideas, brainstorming and personality that along with market research led to the recommendation of a full rebranding including a new name, brand identity and logo to reflect the company’s unique niche in the industry. The ambiguity in the name pigeonholed it as a manufacturer of steel structures, which is only a small segment of what it offers through its products and services.

“We work with manufacturers worldwide and across all industries to solve their most difficult engineering, automation and manufacturing challenges. Unfortunately, the Steelworks Design branding didn’t showcase that,” said Rhonda Barnet, President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Our new company name and brand identity had to stand out and reflect the progressive company we’re building for our employees, partners and customers. We wanted it to emphasize how we’re incorporating modern technology in all aspects of our business to produce stellar products for our customers.”

“We work with multinationals who have a large presence in the United States. It was really important that we position ourselves so we look credible in the global marketplace.” —

Rhonda Barnet, President & Chief Operating Officer, AVIT Manufacturing (formerly Steelworks Design)

New Name, Logo & Identity

Through a unique and process-driven methodology a strong, new company name was conceived: AVIT Manufacturing. The acronym AVIT represents Approachable, Visionary, Integrated and Technology—the Canadian company’s four differentiating pillars identified in the workshop.

AVIT’s name is complemented by a fresh logo and visual identity through an extensive study of colour, design, fonts and concepts. The logo consists of a palette with an enterprise aesthetic—blue and yellow—and bold, italic typography with rounded corners bringing modernity, weight, flexibility and confidence to the brand. The logo angled to the right represents advancement and future, featuring three yellow bars for feelings of strength, power and solidity without losing movement and flexibility.

“We wanted to retain our established values, but at the same time have a new and modern identity with a global feel,” says Barnet. “The evolution of our brand indicates the evolution of our company, while exhibiting the type of high-quality work we do for our customers.”

The overall look is professional and technical, yet fresh and modern. The brilliance of AVIT’s brand, company and story was creatively and strategically illustrated through a brand video—a moving storyboard depicting the evolution of AVIT’s journey and newfound positioning. Using strong imagery and music, the video created real viewer impact at AVIT Manufacturing’s open house where the company revealed its new identity.

AVIT’s new name, look and video was warmly received by open house attendees made up by the local business community, politicians and media. Leadership reported that employees and stakeholders were also enthusiastic about the new look. Barnet says the leadership team noticed the impact immediately.

“We love our new name. Even internally, we hardly talk about Steelworks Design anymore. We’re a manufacturing firm located in a manufacturing facility, so to carry the name AVIT Manufacturing speaks more to the company as a whole. As Steelworks Design, we seemed to only talk about the things that we designed and not about the things that we built.”

The new brand identity has given Barnet more confidence when presenting her company’s products and services to customers and investors and going head-to-head with competitors. She shares that the rebranding process is challenging and emotional, but a rewarding process.

“Changing your business name is like changing your personal name in a lot of ways. There are many emotions attached to it. But at the end of the day, it has to resonate beyond the way we personally perceive it,” she says.

“Mega kept us focused on embracing our business at a community level, while we tap into global networks.”

Rhonda Barnet, President & Chief Operating Officer, AVIT Manufacturing (formerly Steelworks Design)

The work with AVIT Manufacturing was another example of how Mega Experience creates a brand identity from the ground up, especially for a company that has been operating for twenty years.

“It’s important to listen to a client’s goals and completely understand their vision for their product or service. The brand identity not only has to capture who they are, but who they want to be decades from now.” Catia Skinner, Founder & CEO, Mega Experience.